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Check with your doctor as soon as possible if any of the following side effects occur:

Many medications can cause side effectsA side effect is an unwanted response to a medication when it is taken in normal dosesSide effects can be mild or severetemporary or permanent.

Body As a WholeEcchymosisfeverheadacheCardiovascularNecrotizing angiitisvasculitisGastrointestinalHepatic necrosisgranulomatous hepatitishepatomegalyhyperbilirubinemiacholestatic jaundicevomitingintermittent abdominal paingastritisdyspepsiaHemic and LymphaticThrombocytopeniaeosinophilialeukocytosisleukopeniaMusculoskeletalMyopathyarthralgiasNervousPeripheral neuropathyneuritisparesthesiasomnolenceRespiratoryEpistaxisSkin and AppendagesErythema multiforme exudativumStevens-Johnson syndrometoxic epidermal necrolysisLyell’s syndromehypersensitivity vasculitispurpuravesicular bullous dermatitisexfoliative dermatitiseczematoid dermatitispruritusurticariaalopeciaonycholysislichen planusSpecial SensesTaste loss/perversionUrogenitalRenal failureuremiasee PRECAUTIONS

Diarrhea dizziness drowsiness headache indigestion nausea or vomiting occurring without other side effects stomach pain occurring without other side effects hair loss.

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